Digital Solutions

Con-Lash Supplies is Singapore’s leading
marine supplies & logistics solutions provider.

Experience the Future of Ship Supply

Since 2019, we have invested in digital technologies to infuse automation into our operating processes with the goals of efficiency, accuracy and transparency.

Automated Transactions

Receive your quotations and orders faster and with greater accuracy!

By automating the process of data exchange thereby optimising the workflow, customers are now able to get a faster response to their RFQs.

Benefits include shorter quote time, faster and more accurate order fulfilment and improved data accuracy.


Intelligent Customer Portal

Our upcoming intelligent customer portal is a dynamic self-service platform that provides you with round-the-clock, secure access to real-time updates of your orders.

Track and trace your shipment, anytime, anywhere. With a single point of access to all of your documents and information, monitoring and managing your orders have never been more convenient.

Benefits include door-to-deck visibility & traceability of your shipment and 24/7 access to your documents such as invoices, sales orders and delivery orders.


Requisition thousands of items easily with our new e-Catalogue.  Select your products and send us an RFQ.